3 Dec

Do you know what SCAMPER is?

Ok, let me tell you what SACMPER is.

SCAMPER is a technique you can use to spark your creativity and help you overcome any challenge you may be facing. In essence, SCAMPER is a general-purpose checklist with idea-spurring questions — which is both easy to use and surprisingly powerful.


This is example of SCAMPER to make SBM is more fun

  • S = Substitute : Change from in class to online class method
  • C = Combine: lecturer uses skype/hologram, students are able to see the lecturer and communicate with him anywhere
  • A = Adapt: rooftop and parking lot as science and technology
  • M = Magnify: the library modified tobe flexible and fun
  • P = Put to Other Uses: SBM campus became a recreational place
  • E = Eliminate: instead of coming to campus, students are studying at home
  • R = Rearrange:  switch the purpose of SBM ITB campus to a fun based learning centre

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